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Food Services

Heather Burden

Heather Burden

Food Services Director

Lunch Price (includes milk)

  • K-4:  $3.25
  • 5-12:  $3.50
  • Reduced: $.40
  • Extra Milk:  $.75
  • Mustang Meal (larger portions):  $4.00
  • Adult:  $4.25
  • Extra sandwich, entree, pizza:  $2.25

Breakfast Price (includes milk)

  • Students:  $2.00
  • Adults:  $2.25
  • Reduced:  $.30
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  • Allen East Food Service is committed to providing a healthy and nutritious meal for all students daily.
  • Allen East Local Schools participates in the National School Lunch Program.  The meal consists of five components: a protein, a grain (bread), a fruit, a vegetable, and a fat-free or low fat milk.  Students must select at least three of the five components, one of which must be either a fruit or a vegetable.
  • Our ala carte offerings follow the guidelines of The Alliance for a Healthier Generation.
  • Allen East cannot guarantee the absence of trace amounts of potential allergens not listed on food labels for sensitive individuals.
  • Menus are subject to change due to availability of foods or unplanned school closings, and the last week of school.

Free and reduced lunch program applications are available online or at any school office.  You may apply any time during the school year.