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Moms and Dads Club

Below is a list of our officers. Please feel free to contact anyone of them if you have questions or concerns about the Moms and Dads club.


Jenelle Acheson


Kristi Austin
Vice President


Jessica Nickles


Cathi Augsburger



Meeting Schedule

To all Parents of Elementary, Junior High and High school Students:

Please come join us and see what we are all about. Come see all the great projects that we have done for our students and the exciting ones yet to come!

Meetings are on the 1st Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the Media Center.  If the first Monday is a holiday, then it will be the following Monday.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the AE Reverse Raffle in ANY way! You helped to give back OVER $22,000 to our AE kids! How Awesome! THANK YOU!

Great things the Moms & Dads Club has helped sponsor in the last 3 yrs.

  • Golf team tournament dinner $500.00
  • Wrestling and track state qualifiers jackets
  • Academic lottery award money $300.00 each 9 weeks
  • New video and storage building by the practice football field
  • Score board and timer for wrestling team $900.00
  • Football sleds and dummies $7000.00
  • Yearbook donation $6000.00
  • Post prom start up fund donation $2500.00
  • Propane grill and tanks for concessions
  • Pop up tents for football games $200.00
  • Air conditioner for ticket booth $100.00
  • Interior pad set for football $690.00
  • New Nacho Cheese Dispenser for Concessions
  • Warm up suits for basketball
  • 20 warm up suits for the Cheerleaders
  • The meal for the baseball teams for the Baseball Field Dedication
  • State Finalist Jackets for Track & Wrestling
  • Sponsored the Golf Invitational with food to feed all the teams
  • The Sport Record Boards (which will be displayed soon)
  • Gave the Yearbook staff a $5,000.00 donation
  • Sponsored the Audio-Visual Class with a donation of $2,000.00 to help produce their 30 minute shows
  • Donated large amounts of items to the academic lottery
  • Bought the meal for the Thursday night team meal for the football team, coaches, and cheerleaders
  • Bought new golf bags for the golf team
  • Issued a grant to the school for $77,374.43 (that was used towards the athletic buildings, the athletic building additions, and the Operable Wall in the Auditeria)
  • Pizza warmer for the concession stand
  • Sponsored eight new suit jackets for our new choral group “Royal Blues”
  • Sponsoring the new Crow’s nest for the baseball programs.
  • 100 mini footballs were sponsored for the cheerleaders to throw out to the stands
  • Donation to the Band
  • Senior pictures and signs that are hanging in the gym and at the football field
  • Donation to the Bus Drivers' Annual Banquet
  • Donated t-shirts for the Senior Athlete of the Week.
  • Sponsored the Junior class $1,700 to assist with prom
  • Donated in conjunction with Stites Grocery for the basketball team's trip to Paulding
  • Allen East Hall of Fame Sponsorship $3000.00
  • Adman Corporation for the Audio Visual Class productions to be broadcast on GTv2 for the 2011 School year $1000.00
  • Allen East Yearbook donation $6500.00
  • New score clock for Wrestling Club $853.95
  • New weight sets for Wrestling Club $1672.00
  • New refrigerator for Spirit Trailer $614.00
  • Mustang Club and Blue and White Club Donation $300.00
  • Football team dinner $240.00
  • Mustang Wrestling Club Bitties donation for new singlets $500.00
  • Shoot-away for Basketball programs $4650.00
  • Football record boards $885.00
  • Varsity Blues tuxedo jackets
  • State Track Team Qualifiers new apparel